Farmer’s Market

My favorite part of the weekend is going to the Farmer’s Market. Living in California is a true blessing because something is always growing here year round. I have lived here for 8 yrs now, and I have come to love the climate and the agriculture that surrounds us. Just drive up California’s scenic Highway 1 and you will see all the farms growing anything from artichokes to strawberries to garlic. Yes, garlic! Look to see where your garlic is from, chances are it comes from Gilroy, CA.

Find what makes you happy on the weekend and share your experience! For me, it is going to the Farmer’s Market. I like to go in with an open mind, and explore what is in season. I love trying fruits and vegetable that I have never tried before. Here are some tips if you plan on going to a Farmer’s Market this weekend:

  • Do not go in with a recipe in mind. Build your meals with what you find at the market.
  • Pick something that you have never eaten before, recently I tried daikon, a mild radish and loved it!
  • Pick the ugliest carrots, you may find that they are the sweetest of the bunch.
  • From my experience, go early to avoid crowds and to find the best produce.
  • To find deals, go at the end of the day. Prices maybe cut in half!
  • Walk up and down to see all the prices and produce before purchasing.
  • Bring cash and set a limit. Recently I told my husband that our limit is $20.
  • Dress for comfort and wear a hat to protect you from the sun. Do not forget sunblock
  • Take pictures and share your experience on social media. I always love to see what everyone else is getting from the farmer’s market and how they plan on eating it. This past weekend, I bought the biggest beet ever and I will be sharing with everyone how I plan on cooking it.

Last, but not least, enjoy your experience and have fun. Talk with the farmers and get to know your neighbor and find what makes you happy.

Sweet Carrots

Lemon Grass


Egg Plant






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